Jim’s Weekly Video Sing-along!

Know Dementia is delighted to have engaged Jim and Natalie from Full Beam Productions, to help us stay in touch with all our friends from our community events.

Join us and watch the very talented entertainers, all regular entertainers at our Cafes. Guaranteed to cheer you up!

Every Friday Jim will be sending us a video. Keep a look out!

We hope you enjoy these weekly sessions. Let us know what you think  – email to info@knowdementia.co.uk

Week 1 Jim’s first video for Know Dementia
Week 2 Jim is back with more fun and laughter
Week 3 Jim is back with Natalie this time
Week 4 Jim is back with more fun
Week 5 Jim is back with more fun and laughter
Week 6 Jim and Natalie’s 75th Anniversary VE Day
Week 7 Natalie’s turn to sing to you
Week 8 Jim with Natalie dancing
Week 9 with Melody and Robyn
Week 10 Back with Jim
Week 11 Jim with special guest Jade
Week 12 Jim with special quest Elvis
Week 13 Jim at his bar!
Week 14 Sing and dance with Natalie
Week 15 Jim with blue hair
Week 16 Jim in his living room
Week 17 Jim and Natalie in France
Week 18 Jim’s Best Of
Week 19 Jim’s Summer Vibe
Week 20 Natalie goes solo
Week 21 Great songs from Jim
Week 22 Jim’s Rock Session
Week 23 Is Jim alone?
Week 24 Jim rehearsing with his band
Week 26 Halloween Time
Week 27 Big News Natalie
Week 28 Remembrance Video
Week 29 It’s Country time with Jim
Week 30 Jim & Natalie want to dance
Week 31 Best of Take 2
Week 32 Christmas Classics
Week 33 Christmas Carols with Natalie
Week 34 Christmas Party Time
Week 35 After Christmas Cool Down
Week 36 Musicals Time with Natalie
Week 37 Jim & Natalie Together
Week 38 Jim swing when you winning set
Week 39 Duets time with Jim & Natalie
Week 40 Love Songs
Week 41 New Songs
Week 42 Solo Times