About Us

My body changes, but not my spirit – I am still me!”


The key to our work is to Support the WHOLE PERSON and their loved ones not just their medical condition…

We can help you by providing:

•  Telephone support.

•  A visit to your home.

•  Time to talk.

•  Social activities through our ‘Moments’ sessions: Sporting Moments, Memory Moments Cafés, Green Moments and Musical Moments.

•  Opportunities to meet others in the same position as you.

•  Advice on finance and care provision.

•  Training on how to cope with the diagnosis.

•  Help to set up a dementia friendly community.


1.  Over 800,000 people in the UK have been diagnosed with a dementia.

2.  An estimated 700,000 families and friends are affected.

3.  Young people can have a dementia too.

4.  People in the UK are living longer.

5.  1 in 3 people over the age of 65 are likely to develop a dementia.

Have you noticed any changes lately?

•  Repeating sentences.

•  Loss of memory.

•  Mood swings.

•  Decreased levels of activity.

•  Lessening of interaction.

•  Communication problems.

RohanWho are we?

Know Dementia, a local charity, is run by volunteers comprising family carers and qualified professionals who live and work with people with a dementia.

Why do we do this?

We know, as family carers, what it feels like when it is confirmed that someone has a dementia in the family.

We believe that you want to know:

•  What help is available.

•  How it may affect your finances now and in the future.

•  How you cope as things progress.

•  How you live with the condition.

•  Who you can talk to.

 Our Purpose is to provide you with the advice and support you need, having received a diagnosis of a dementia.